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relay wiring diagram When the current increases, this switch needs to be big.  For anything above 30W we recommend installing a relay

relay wiring diagram 85 and 86 use electrical current to create a magnetic force, which then closes the 30 to 87 switch and allows the electricity to flow to your lights

relay wiring diagram When you are not using a relay, the control switch needs to be able to handle the full current of the installed lights

relay wiring diagram In other words if you are installing a 330W light bar that has a max drain of 27.5A  then you should select  fuse and wiring of over 33A

relay wiring diagram The left side is the pin out of the point is sticking out from at the bottom and the the right side is showing a schematic representation of the relay circuitry


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Relay Wiring Diagram For Lower Powered Lights It Is Possible To Do So, But It Is Generally Good Practice To Install A Switch With An In Line FuseRelay Wiring Diagram When The Current Increases, This Switch Needs To Be Big.  For Anything Above 30W We Recommend Installing A RelayRelay Wiring Diagram  If You Do Not Install A Relay And Use A Switch, You Could End Up Overheating The Switch, Melting The Wires, And Reducing The Current That Is Getting To Your LightsRelay Wiring Diagram That Is 120W Max. If You Are Installing Lights Over 100W It Is Advisable To Multiply The Required Drain By A Factor Of 1.2 Or MoreRelay Wiring Diagram You Will Have To Adjust The Current Ratings For The Light You Are Using. In This Case The Light Do Not Take More Than 10ARelay Wiring Diagram 30 And 87 Create The Switch To Your Lights.  By Default This Switch Is Open, So The Current Cannot Get From The Battery To Your LightsRelay Wiring Diagram 85 And 86 Use Electrical Current To Create A Magnetic Force, Which Then Closes The 30 To 87 Switch And Allows The Electricity To Flow To Your LightsRelay Wiring Diagram A Relay Is An Electrical Switch.  It Allows A Low Current “switch” Circuit To Control The Electricity Flow Of A High Current CircuitRelay Wiring Diagram The Left Side Is The Pin Out Of The Point Is Sticking Out From At The Bottom And The The Right Side Is Showing A Schematic Representation Of The Relay CircuitryRelay Wiring Diagram In Other Words If You Are Installing A 330W Light Bar That Has A Max Drain Of 27.5A  Then You Should Select  Fuse And Wiring Of Over 33ARelay Wiring Diagram When You Are Not Using A Relay, The Control Switch Needs To Be Able To Handle The Full Current Of The Installed Lights
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